Our Work

Emergency Relief

When you hear of an emergency in the world, FHIF is probably already there. This includes tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, and civil conflict. FHIF brings lifesaving food, medical care, supplies, and especially, hope to save lives.

Community Development

FHIF members aim to create self-sustaining communities.  We do this through initiatives such as agriculture, child sponsorship, education, health, micro-finance, leadership development, and water according to the community's desires and needs.

Advocacy and Training

FHIF speaks out and provides educational materials about hunger and poverty.  FHIF also provides training and materials to develop new people, new leaders, new communities, and new nations.  Contact us if you are interested in these materials.


Where We Work

FHIF members do projects and send people to over 80 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas!

How We Work

A unique aspect of FHIF is the process we use to help communities. How you help a community makes all the difference in success.

  • Build Relationships
  • Train Local Leaders
  • Analyze Assets and Problems
  • Create a Community Vision
  • Make a Plan
  • Implement
  • Review Results
  • Celebrate


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FHIF's headquarters takes 0% administration fee from your donation for member projects.  Donations from USA donors are processed by FHIF's USA 501.c.3 partner, Vision of Community Fellowship, and are tax deductible.

If you prefer to donate directly via a member's website, click on the "Members" link above.