The Global Kingdom Network (GKN) is an extension of FHIF to help individuals experience personal transformation.  The reason FHIF values this goal is because all transformation, whether in a family, community or nation, begins with a transformed person.

GKN is not an organization, but a network of like-minded people and groups both inside and outside of FHIF. It is led by Rev. Tuksu Koo, the first General Secretary of FHIF.


The purpose of GKN is to help people experience personal transformation by growing in a "Kingdom Lifestyle".  It is this lifestyle that leads to fullest transformation. Elements of a Kingdom lifestyle include:

  • Making God the center of your life, not yourself.
  • Renewing your mind with God's Word.
  • Breaking free from strongholds that enslave you.
  • Meeting with other Kingdom Lifestyle people in small groups.
  • Obeying God and being a model for others.
  • Using your personal transformation to serve others.

Small Groups

No one can sustain such a lifestyle isolated from others. 
For that reason, GKN emphasizes the formation of  small groups:

  • Kingdom Lifestyle Groups: Groups of 2's and 3's that meet weekly.
  • Kingdom Homes: A collection of KLGs that meet together in homes.

There are currently groups in:

  • Ethiopia:  Addis Ababa
  • Malaysia:  Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu
  • United States:  Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, Seattle,
  • Taiwan: Taipei.


  • Training Resources
  • Conferences Available At Your Request
  • Mentoring of Groups
  • Individual Counseling
  • Connection to a Global Network

Get Involved

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