Statutes of the Association of Food for the Hungry International Federation Geneva



8.3 In case of dissolution and after having carried out all liabilities, the available profit balance of the Federation should be allocated to a like-minded non-profit organization approved by the Elders Council.



9.1 Only the Elders Council is entitled to seek consensus (only when necessary requiring a two-thirds vote of the assembled persons) to amend the statutes. The text of any proposal of amendment shall be forwarded to all Members for consideration prior to the vote.


9.2 The Executive Elders Council is at any time entitled to submit proposals for a total or partial amendment to the Elders Council as long as the demand is signed by one fifth of the Members of the Federation.



10.1 The Federation shall indemnify any current or prior Elder or Officer of the Federation of liabilities towards third parties and/or expenses from a suit or action from third parties against the Federation, as long as that person has been acting within the law and within the limits of the Federation and Elders Council and Executive Elders Council authority.



11.1 The Members agree to resolve all conflicts based on Biblical reconciliation principles. The Member feeling wronged is first to go directly to the other party. If that doesn't resolve the conflict, the Member feeling wronged is to bring along another witness. If a conflict is still not resolved and is sufficiently serious in the Members's perspective, both Members will submit themselves to a mutually agreed Christian arbitrator. The decision by the Christian arbitrator will be binding and final.

11.2 If a conflict between Members is not resolved through Article 11.1, such conflict or any other litigation that arises, must be brought under the exclusive jurisdiction of the civil courts in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.



Dr.Horiuchi, Akira, Japan······· Rev. Koo Tuk Su, Malaysia

Chairperson of FHI Federation General Secretary of FHI Federation

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah , Malaysia. SIXTH of DECEMBER, TWO THOUSAND AND SIX 


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