Statutes of the Association of Food for the Hungry International Federation Geneva



a) Intercession, reflection, and fellowship to seek divine guidance for the future plans and activities of the Federation;

b) Admission or loss of membership;

c) Approval of minutes of the previous meeting;

d) Receive the Annual Report and approve the audited accounts.

e) Receive and share new matters of dialogue;

f) Approve the Annual Plan and Budget; and provide instruction to the Executive Elders Council;

g) Election or dismissal of the Officers;

h) Election or dismissal of Elders on the Executive Elders Council;

i) Appointment of the Auditor;

j) Fixing of the rate of the annual contributions;

k) Amendment of the statutes and membership criteria;

l) Ownership and revision of the name, logo, marks and other intellectual property of the Federation;

m) Dissolution and Liquidation of the Federation, if necessary.

n) Designate the time and location of the next Annual Elders Council meeting;

7.3.10 COMPENSATION. Elders shall not receive any stated or fixed salary for their services as an Elder, including service on the Elders Council or Executive Elders Council. Elders may receive reimbursement for expenses actually incurred while serving as an Elder.



7.4.1  It consists of at least ther Elders and not more than five, including withing this total, the Chairman, Vice Chairman and General Secretary.

7.4.2 The Elders of the Executive Elders Council are elected to terms of two years, that can be renewed.

7.4.3 The Executive Elders Council meets as often as the matters require it, but at least once a year. The resolutions are taken by consensus (only if necessary by majority vote) of the assembled Elders. The Chairperson has the prevailing vote in case of a tie. The meetings and the adopted resolutions require at least one half of the Elders of the Executive Elders Council to be assembled or represented by proxy in order to be valid.


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