Statutes of the Association of Food for the Hungry International Federation Geneva


7.2 These structures are established to serve the Federation and not control its members.

7.3 Elders Council

7.3.1 The Elders Council (general council of the members) is composed of representatives (hereinafter called “Elders”) from members of the FHI Federation.

7.3.2 The Elders Council is authorized to admit at-large elders and advisors when necessary and helpful.

7.3.3 The Chairperson or General Secretary may invite guests to Council meetings.

7.3.4 The Annual Elders Council meeting is convened by the Chairperson once per year, no later than September 30th. An extraordinary Elders Council meeting may be convened by the Chairperson when circumstances make it necessary or when at least one fifth of the Elders require it. The summon occurs by written or electronic letter at least ten days before the meeting that includes the agenda.

7.3.5 The Elders Council is lawfully convened if at least one-half of the Elders are present. The Elders Council is presided over by the Chairperson or, in his absence, by the Vice Chairperson .

7.3.6 Each member is entitled to one vote, except for Article 3.3. The vote by proxy can only be excluded by the Elders Council based on objective reasons.

7.3.7 Election of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and General Secretary shall be by prayerful nomination and balloting and decided by simple majority.

7.3.8 Unless otherwise foreseen in this statutes or by the law, motions are decided by consensus (only when necessary requiring a majority of votes of the assembled persons). In the case of a tie, the vote of the Chairperson shall prevail.

7.3.9 The Elders Council shall serve the Federation and meets to carry-out the following responsibilities:



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