FHIF Model


4. Cost and Finance Factors:

  • Low budget Secretariat
  • Finance to fields and each other directly, no indirect cost


5. Growth Patterns:

  • Flat extension
  • Linked closely ‘arm to arm’ as new members join
  • Spreading with little overhead
  • To the ends of the earth


6. Accountability of Activities and Funding:

  • Federation Members to God
  • To own AGM and local legal requirements
  • To Elders Council


7. Name and Branding:

  • Guard the FHI name and reputation God has given
  • Free to serve God with other names in difficult situations


  • UN High Commissioner for Refugee
  • UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs
  • UN World Food Programme
  • UN Economic and Social Council


Our Members Sites

AFHI Bangkok Grace Beautiful Mind Charity Canaan Farmer School Centro Educativo Ichthus Cristhian Television System Coffee Meal Crisis Relief Services & Training Family Life Network FHI Costa Rica FHI Malaysia Givers Funds Gospel Medical International Good Samaritan Ministries Gusenghwe Inc. Hands of Love Philippines Foundation Iraono Nifaeri Foundation IRDF JIFH JIFH - Hands of Love KFHI Literacy and Evangelism Ohana Foundation Rainbow Childrens Foundation Samaritan Strategy Shalom International Ministries Stop Hunger Now Super High Touch Team and Team Intl. Tokyo Cristhian Institute TFHI Vision of Comunity Fellowship World Medical Relief