10 Operational Principles of FHI Federation


3. The Goal is the Vision of a Community (VOC

In all our initiatives, we aim for the VOC by facilitating the community's churches, families, and leaders to progress towards their God-given potential. This requires their voluntary participation and resulting ownership in community development. We seek Kingdom multiplication by supporting communities to spread VOC to other communities, near and far. We will partner with VOCF in research and development of VOC and share the results with all partners.


4. Serving with Appropriate People, Roles, Ideas, Technology, and Resources

We seek to serve the needs of communities in appropriate ways. By appropriate, we mean fit for the purpose of producing the VOC. Service means we emphasize development of local leaders, respecting their opinions and cultural uniqueness. We emphasize biblical worldview teaching & application while resolving the cause of community needs including agriculture and food, education and literacy, family and community relationships, safety and health, income generation and savings, water and sanitation.


5. Holistic Response to Hunger

Like Jesus, people grow physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially (Luke 2:52). Hunger in one area impacts all of a person´s life. Therefore, FHI Federation aims to integrate. "Bread & Gospel" in the unity demonstrated by Christ Jesus. Intentional planning is required to unite physical, mental, spiritual, and social hungers into one holistic mission (John 5:19, Luke 14:31).


6. The Power of Incarnated Life

Jesus came to us as the Word made flesh (John 1:14). He lived out God´s love and truth in the communities. We follow His example by leaving our comfort zone and living among those who do not know the love and truth of God. Being incarnational vessels (2Cor 4:7) for the life of Jesus to flow to people in the communities we serve is the ultimate ministry of all FHI servants/leaders. We are the seed (John 12:24). We are the aroma. We are the letter from Christ (2 Corinthians 2:15; 3:3).


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